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We installed a fully cassetted commercial awning that was electrically operated using a remote control handset, which was the preferred option given the size of the awning.

We installed a walkway canopy and two co-ordinating canopies the windows either side of the entrance to create much needed kerb appeal. The business profile was raised by the ...

We installed a 4 metre wide manually operated semi cassetted awning with a grey cover and matching valance.

This installation was turned down by 4 different awning companies due to the lack of suitable fixings in the area where the awning needed to be fitted.

We installed a 10 metre wide and a 4.5 metre wide awnings with a projection of 1.8 metres (The maximum possible due to the restriction of the telegraph pole).

We installed semi-cassetted commercial awnings that were manually operated using a winding handle.

We installed two 4 metre wide manually operated awnings. The same size and specification as the existing.